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Unbelievable low-end grunt translates into magic carpet ride @ 5,500 RPM concurrent with onset of invisible V-Boost rocket propulsion. Reminds me of that Lockheed C-130 with the JATO (Jet Assist-ed Take-Off) boosters strapped to its flanks. The bike transcends into a time warp as the horizon takes on a parrallax view. What you see is where you are. Careful, you just might overwhelm stopping capabilities on this one. Brakes are modest at best and 43,000 troublefree miles later I've learned to anticipate. Visceral thunder between your legs and squid-dwarfing are the best parts. N.Georgia Blue Ridge Mountain riding on the V-Max has left several CBR 900 and 966 riders w/their mouths open. The switch from the square-edged Dunlop cruiser tires to Mezzlers created a lean-over monster that sucks-up asphalt and makes liars out of all the reviewers...hey!, you ever hear of countersteer?! Suspension?... who cares, light the burners, we're fixin' to dissapear!!!
- Jack Gleason, Lawrenceville, Georgia

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