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One look at this bike and I had to test-ride. The radiant red angles of this machine created a rare invitation to experience pure balance between sport and tour. The dealer offered leathers to enhance my ride, adding how they are "practically free" with purchase. His strong hands TICKLED as they snapped, buckled and zippered me in for a custom fit and feel. I slid onto the low, tight, contoured seat. The cockpit was immediately comfortable, and within reach, bestowing confidence. I allowed the 439 pounds to rock side to side in anticipation of the curves I would encounter. I started the air-cooled engine, letting all 849cc's of power rev between my legs - I wanted all 86 inches to take me. Then I was out of the lot toward a deserted, winding stretch of Pennsylvania's finest. The four stroke, chain-drive was smooth and sexy. Zero to sixty in 6 seconds was straightaway foreplay. This bike MELTED into me and, into the first turn, I was WET with excitement. With heightened adrenaline, I pulled hard on the throttle, PUMPING me faster out of the curve with incredible control and bite. This bike was rivetting, and I just had to have it. Never has a bike pleasured me with such modest, yet precision engineering and ergonomics. The center-weight was flawlessly balanced. I went hard and deep into the night, feeling the engine thrust in and out, in and out, in and out, of all five gears. I could have ridden all night. When I came back, I felt naughty for enjoying it that much, (at least the seat stayed dry). The dealer was much better at slipping the leathers off of me. It was very difficult to leave. About to score my first post-masters job, I could afford retail ($7299) despite the dealers doubts. When I didn't get the job, I had to break off my "TDM n'leather" deal, (I performed dealer incentives, however). One of my roommates owns one. It's the hottest thing about him. Sometimes he forfeits it to satiate me. Most reliable bike ever, well into it's teens. This chic and passionate ride is not to be missed.
- Ruby, Alexandria, Virginia

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