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My first V-Max was the first year production in '85. I drove that beast 43,432 miles and parted with it in '92. The only problem noticed was a rapid wearing of rear Dunlop Qualifiers. The '97 I own now is a bit more tame and highly refined in many ways hard to explain if you are new to the Mr. Max world of raw horsepower and torque. The Yamaha techs have tweeked the bike over these many years to where now it is so sweet to ride slow or with a few rpm's turning. Maintenance has been very minimal with regular fluids changed every 3K miles. Valves were adjusted at 3K and again at 15K and again at 30K. More and more riders are buying the Max as a second bike to remind them what a great ride feels like. Buy the way, my second bike is a HD Road King Classic, slow but nice. Yes, there are faster bikes out there but when you ride Mr.Max you can pull up anywhere, beside any bike and not be ashamed of what is between your legs. RIDE SAFE!
- Keith Heatherly, Lubbock "BY GOD" Texas

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