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This bike first came out in 1985 and was designed as a Musclebike. Nothing until recent years has EVER been able to touch it. I wish Yamaha would make an updated version that would annihilate EVERYTHING out there again. The best thing about this beast is that you can easily ride it more mellow than any other bike out there but if you twist the throttle and let the Rs rise, you better be ready. This is a true Jekel & Hyde bike. It doesn't take much aggressive riding to realize that this bike was designed for the drag strip. PERIOD. If you work @ it you can pull the front in 4 gears, but the design won't allow it to go up too high or over unless you put a slick on the back. The Vmax has a VERY SPECIFIC purpose and therefore a very specific following. One of the things I like the best is that even 'hard-core' harley guys respect this bike and anyone that has been around bikes knows the Vmax's reputation. Just the reputation makes it a kick to ride. There is truly only ONE Vmax!
- R S, Scottsbluff, Nebraska

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