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Like many of you I just finished my MSF class. At 57 I was one of the "older" individuals in the class. I started looking around and had already decided that I did NOT want a "monster" bike as my first motorcycle. Every dealer wanted to sell me something larger than 650 cc and up... I finally ran into a "teenie bopper" who listed to me and told me to "go for it" and get what you feel safe on... I wanted a 250 that would give me experience and riding time and also not scare the "crap" out of my wife who had to be really "talked into letting me get a motorcyle at my age - she thinks this bike look big... what would she have thought of a 1000 cc!"... I looked at many bikes... keep reading the reviews on this site and decided to go with the Yamaha 250. I have not been disappointed. I average about 20 miles per day to and from work - some open road, some city traffic and some freeway... I was apprehensive since I'm 6' 1" and my weight is "north" of 250... But the bike is GREAT!... I have not felt scared or intimidatedf and I can handle it... And I do get the thumbs up from the Harley people... One of my friends who just finished the MSF class got an 883 Harley... I find that he always wants to ride mine... "it's more fun"... Two of my fellow employees at the office also ride their bikes to work... the guy with the 1000 Sportster likes to take mine to run out at lunch "it just gets around better"... Thanks to all of you who take the time to write these reviews... I would never have known anything about what bike to get without reading these...
- Kevin Bitz, Reading, Pennsylvania

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