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2007-05-02 2004 Moto Guzzi Stone Motorcycles View Listings

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Update to my original review: I don't know how many miles I have on this thing, exactly, since the odometer broke (it is Italian)... I estimate 15000 miles. It has been to Canada, Black Hills, Badlands, etc. I ride it to work, class, 4 hours one way to Air Guard Drill weekends, home to the farm... I have driven my car once in the last month - the saddlebags swallow my groceries. It is my primary means of transportation 10 1/2 months out of the year. I love it. I stand by everything I said in the original review. My girlfriend claims she is with me because of this bike and my good looks (I figure she is 50% honest, 50% nice) I will never sell this machine. Besides the broken odometer (and trip meter), the handgrips have worn out... plus a few other minor details I can't remember. The biggest problem was a disconnected fuel line on the fuel pump, but I was able to fix that. I wish the fuel tank held more gas, so I could make better time/distance on long trips, and that it had a better mechanism for informing the operator as to fuel remaining. Heart of an Allis HD-20, soul of a P-47...
- Casey Brown, Ames, Iowa

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