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I have two new Blackhawk 240 Customs. Both have approximately 1000 miles on them. The primary reason I purchased these bikes is that they have the total custom look but are sold, serviced and warranted by the local Harley dealer. Although they contain a lot of Harley parts, they look and ride like other custom bikes without the problems usually associated with them. All these bikes come through with something different than each other one. The paint jobs are all unique and of high quality. The Chrome wheels are fantastic. The engine is the black and chrome Harley 95". These bikes have a 240 rear tire and drag style handlebars. They look low in the rear and truly sharp. They get a lot of attention wherever they go. They have softail suspensions but do ride somewhat hard over rough spots and the seat is very firm. The 95" engine has sufficient power but is not a barn burner. The brakes are good. The transmission is far smoother than any Harley I have ridden and I have 8 Harley's in the garage. These are really great bikes. Very well done and have the backing of the Harley dealer who sells them and Harley custom parts fit perfectly if you want to add or change anything. These bikes are real winners if they hold up as well and run as good as they have for the first 1000 miles in the future.
- Fred Burcaw, Dunein, Florida

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