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After having ridden for a year now, I found that the tires wear off center because the bike is not balanced well. Because the engine sits so far to the left to accommodate the fat tire, too much weight is on the left; therefore, the rider must lean to the right to balance. The single caliper is adequate, but could use dual calipers on the front. Big potholes or bumps will throw you out of the seat. But any chopper with limited travel will do the same. With the 103 there is good power, but I've upgraded the heads and cams and carburetion, and now the baby screams. Had some problems with a squeaky drive pulley, but the dealer replaced under warranty. The bike is fun to ride, with gas mileage still in the plus 45mpg even after the engine work. Paint is holding up well as good as factory.
- Brian Young, Cheyenne, Wyoming

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