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I bought this scooter for my wife in 2004. They had allocated very few to the dealers in America according to the salesman who sold it to us. We bought it from a Yamaha dealer in Tulsa, OK for my wife to use as a commuter vehicle to work, which was less than 2 miles away. The drive was hilly, uphill to work and downhill back home. I was attracted to it because it was a 125cc rather than most scooters, which are usually around 50cc. I figured the 125 cc's would have a better punch, and be safer. It turned out that I was right. Little Gina does not have the punch of a 125 cc motorcycle but is very impressive both in town and on the back roads and highways. This fall we will have owned it for 4 years and have only had to replace the battery. I suspect we would not have had to do that if we would have used her more. We have since moved to Indianapolis. My wife still works but I am retired, working part-time at Home Depot. I use Gina as a commuter vehicle to my work, which is also less that 2 miles away from our house. I will conclude in guiltily saying that we have not had her back to the dealer since we bought her and she still runs like a champ even though she doesn't get used very much, which, as some of you know, can be hard on scooters or motorcyles.
- William C Davis, Indianapolis, Indiana

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