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2012-06-24 2006 Suzuki GZ250 Standard View Listings

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My wife is the primary rider of this bike, but I'm doing the review for her. The GZ250 is a great starter bike for beginners. My wife loves the bike because it's the same bike that she learned on at the MSF course. It's easy electric starting, simple to operate and it's easy to ride. I've taken it for a ride and was very pleased. It's a little small for me which is why I ride a Honda dual-sport, but for her it's perfect. You won't set the world on fire with its acceleration, but it gets 82 mpg. and it tops out around 72-73 mph.---more than enough for a beginner. I've never owned a Suzuki, but everyone says that the quality is very high. We're very happy with the bike!
- taxman, Glenfield, New York

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