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I loved my Vino 125. It had the get up and go speed but it did start to drag after 45 mph. I had the top speed at 65 mph down hill, 50 up hill and 55 on the straight away. It's great for around town. I even took it on the highway for about 50 miles and had no trouble. It's a lot of fun. I traded it for a Majesty 400CC. I wanted more power but the Vino was enough power for me. It has great handling manuevers. It's excellent, it's just an easy riding bike and turns a lot of heads. Even the die-hard Harley fans loved my Vino 125. From 0 to 45 it has a lot of zip. I was getting about 80 mpg. I wish I never traded it. The Majesty was a great upgrade but didn't manuever like the Vino. I totalled the Majesty three weeks after I bought it. I wasn't used to the power difference. But in my opinion you can't go wrong with any Yamaha product. Plus Yamaha has no problem getting parts.

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