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The fit & finish on the bike is great. Make sure you change the tranny fluid from the factory. My bike wouldn't shift right until I filled it with Amsoil 85-140 mixed 50% with Lucas. I have no problems other than leaning on turns. Forget about any snaked curves. I have the 200mm tire which outperforms the 240 or 280, also I don't like the fat tire look; it is out of style anyway. Yeah my battery was were bad but they all are. Ironhorse's engineering and reliability are fairly good - as good as Harley. I have three of those that just sit in my garage on a battery trickle charger. Everyone says the bike looks really good. I would rather have the Classic Chopper than the Texas Chopper because of the 200mm tire. (They use Metzler which are great tires.) The S&S 100 motor is easy to start in the cold but doesn't have near the pull of an S&S 111. When I hear about other Chopper owners' problems, I feel very fortunate as mine were very minimal.
- Fred Firsching, Weirton, West Virginia

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