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The performance is top drawer. Yes, its a rocket but the handling is so good that it easily maintains corner speed so in back road riding conditions you don't really need a lot of motor. The build quality is very good - certainly a step above most of the Japanese bikes that I have owned. And it looks and sounds amazing - most riders I have met at gas stations, etc, haven't seen or heard one before - so there is a nice element of exclusivity. Dislikes: Mine came with a race can on it - extremely loud - got eyeballed by the authorities everywhere. I added a dB reducer - still loud but tolerable. Its a pretty dedicated riding position - though not as miserable as some of the other European bikes - its not conducive to long days in the saddle. Parts are harder to find than the bigger brands. Reliability: no rating, I haven't had it long enough yet to know.
- Royce, Ohio

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