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Until you experience the thrill of accelerating from 0 to 70+ with NO gear changes, you can't really understand this bike. The sensation is very much like taking off in a jet -- pure, straight thrust all the way. The bike may look like a sport bike, but it's really more of a GT. What you won't read about is how useful the CVT is for engine braking! I can come down from 10,000' without touching the brakes. The control I get with that throttle, both power on and off, is amazing. Then once you get under about 17 mph., it freewheels all the way to 0. I really enjoy not having to hold back the clutch or put it in neutral at stoplights just to stretch and take my hands off the handlebars for a couple minutes. This reduces the fatigue factor quite a lot. Note: I have NO issues with shifting a traditional bike, but after years of stop and go traffic where I used to live, I thought I'd give this a try. This has proven to be an excellent decision. There are so many things on this bike that have my friends jealous, most notably -- the storage compartment (where the tank usually is). I'm in and out of that thing constantly and wonder how I ever lived without it. Overall, I would encourage anyone to disregard any naysaying about the CVT. So far exactly 0 EXPERIENCED bikers have failed to notice the fact that it's CVT unless I point it out. This is by far the best bike I've ever ridden, period. Get one!
- MotoBob, Boulder, Colorado

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