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Basically this is a great bike espically for a first bike. It looks great and is the faster than any other 50cc. It handles well and has that big bike feel. It's fast too, with a 65mph top speed. Generally is comfortable but can get a little tiresome on longer rides. My bike does 100 miles to the gallon so its very economical. However it does have its problems. Fistly, parts can be expensive mainly because its made by Aprilia and it needs bigger tires etc. Secondly, the purchase of the bike is expensive compared to many other scooters. Lastly, because the engine is so highly tuned (12.5 horse power compared to a standard 50cc which is around 6 or 7) it can be quite sensitive and needs regular service (piston rings etc). However, despite all this I still love it and would definitly recommend buying one, however, beware if you are buying second hand as they get worn out quickly becuase they are usually owned by 16 yr olds.
- AARON, southend-on-sea, United Kingdom

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