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Where to begin... Ok have 2014 triumph street triple and in comparison to RSV4 it is like a man powered mower vs. A self propelled mower... the electronics on the RSV4 will save your a$$ without the skill you should have to be pushing a bike .. now this is not endorsing blind abandonment... I have put this bike in positions that would be 500% more difficult to correct than my other.. apologies for comparison as it is the only factual comparison I can make... have had it +165mph and it doesn't feel out of place... as the triumph begins to shutter at >130mph ... fyi I'm 200lbs and have +2 teeth on back and +1 on front of triumph... ... let's just say the electronic rider aids are insane... quick shifter auto blipper where have you been all my life... have race ecu, sc project exhaust, shorty levers, and integral blinker mirror block offs... sc project S1 exhaust is insanely loud ... so loud picked up evasion case bc I never heard cop behind me...well I was also enjoying myself too much
- Russell Kirksey , Lake Jackson texas

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