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I bought my Boxer last September and have put over 5000 miles on it, while also riding my other bike 7000 miles since May. My longest trip so far is 260 miles and I could have ridden it further without any undue discomfort. The Big Dog is a comfortable bike considering it's a high performance custom and it fits me well. It has lots of shake at idle, but with the rubber mounted motor that mostly goes away at speed. There's little vibration in the bars. A Harley mechanic did the 5000 mile maintenance on it and remarked that it was the best riding custom he had ever ridden. Except for a few quirks with the gas tank cap and tach, and a leaking back cylinder top gasket, it has been problem free. It's a hoot to ride and it gets lots of attention wherever I go!
- malcolm nelson, daphne, Alabama

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