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Only got to ride the bike 2 miles in the city but in those few miles I experienced a lot. 1. The motor, chassis, ergonomics and suspension are all top notch. The DB3 Mantra shares the same motor, chassis and suspension with the DB4 racer. Awesome torque and very comfortable but still "sporty" riding position. 2. The four pipe system sounds great - pulled up next to some "harley dudes" at a stop light and they started tripping out on the bike and complimented the "noise". I think a little creative drilling could add something to the note. 3. I parked it on the street within a line up of bikes, initially with the OEM mirrors on it - comments were varied between "ugh" to "ok." I then yanked the mirrors off and the comments changed to "whoa - that's wicked!" Hope the mirror guy got fired.
- Don, Denver, Colorado

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