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Our "almost stock" SB8R won the 2001 MRA Supertwins Championship against all the tricked out TLs, Ducatis and Aprilias - Pedro Bravo was the rider. We put on some Arrow mufflers, Marchesini wheels, Carbon Dream bodywork, PFM brake pads, braided brake lines and more aggressive rear-sets - no engine work! If that doesn't sum up what this bike is capable of... For the street rider there is one thing to be aware of - some of the bodywork is plastic (mixed with a lot of carbon fiber) and these plastic pieces have a tendency to stress crack at the bolt holes. One fix is to have them replicated in either carbon fiber or fiberglass, but if you don't have the $ to do so, you can epoxy a thin washer behind each bolt hole to help distribute the surface stress. This is a small problem that is easily overcome and shouldn't deter you from getting this bike.
- Don, Denver, Colorado

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