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Stable, relatively fast, very comfortable. This bike is fun to ride, especially with inexperience as a sport bike pilot. It's not the K1200 which I strongly considered, but actually, I think having driven one of those, this one is more approachable. Like any BMW, the 800 rides like it's on a rail. The seating position is very comfortable with no back strain, arm strain or hand strain at all. Ergonomics-A+ for me. It's a tad windy at speed and the wind noise requires earplugs. Not a good bike for the rain not because of instability but because of the lack of faring. At least in downpours, I got caught in one and learned the hard way. The bike accellerates very quickly. 6 speed gearing is great, the clutch has been flawless. The seat is very comfortable for long distances. As a light weight, it's easy to maneuver, quick and nimble on it's feet. Great cornering--has inspired in me a lot of confidence. After 2,000 miles I'm just now getting used to what I can do and the bike can do, but it seems like the bike will let me do a lot and we are one on the road. What I like about it vs. the K1200 which was my other choice, is that this bike is much less expensive, the maintenance in theory will be much less, the insurance on this is 1/2 of the K1200 (I'm 51 and married and was quoted $1,200 a year on the K vs. $600 a year on this machine). I use the bike principally for commuting and man does it fit that bill like a glove. I go on one or two week long trips a year and I won't hesitate to take this bike. It's a big seller in Europe and I'm surprised that here in the U.S. it doesn't seem to garner as much press. I think here we like bigger, badder, faster but to overlook this model is a mistake and the bike should be considered. It certainly is much more practical from an expense point of view. And the 50 mpg I'm averaging is real sweet. And I don't need a bike that goes 167 mph, because my brain won't let me do that. Bottom line is although 2,000 miles is a little early for a review, I absolutely love this bike. It's one I think I've been looking for in the 20 plus years I've been riding. Previous bikes-Suzuki 450, Suzuki GS 750, Shadow 1100, BMW R1100RT. The 800S vs. a K is like driving a Mazda Speed 3 vs. a Corvette---yeah the Corvettes a dream car but the Mazda 3 does supposedly everything the same-just 40,000 bucks cheaper. Oh, and this 800S goes 0-60 in 3.8 which beats the Corvette, so there you go. The only caution I have is on the gas guage, computer driven. Rely on your odometer like the old days because the gas guage is weird on the computer-it tells you you have a full tank until you have about 20 miles to go. Otherwise, no other nitpicks.
- Mike W., Cleveland, Ohio

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