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BMW created the K1 to be their leading sport bike for 1990 to compete with bikes such as the Suzuki GSXR 1100, ZX-10, and FZR 1000. Although these bikes showed the K1 up at the timing lights, BMW beat all commers with its technology. The K1 sported a longitude mounted inline four flopped on its side. The "brick" has 4 valves per cylinder, and computer controlled fuel injection. Also, a single-sided swingarm which incorporates the driveshaft and paralever suspension, plus ABS brakes fore and aft. Giant full-floating rotors handle the braking chore up front. The K1 is fully enclosed in bodywork which gave it the lowest drag coefficent numbers of its time. The K1 is a joy to ride at high speeds. It loves long sweepers, but don't rule out quick steering in the tight stuff. This bike will suprise you. Acceleration is very good and the Brembo brakes are superb. The fuel injection gives some lurching around town at partial throttle openings, besides that it is smooth and linear. Vibration tends to put your feet to sleep, but you can usually find a sweet spot to cruise. All-in-all a great sport-tourer that's not afraid of "sport".
- Duckman, Midwest USA

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