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I purchased my K1200 new at the end of 2003, and sold it at the end of 2019; I put approximately 40K miles mostly in Southern California. This is a superior performer in terms of power, suspension, and braking. The fit and finish was excellent, mechanically sound, no major repairs or issues other than routine service and tires. Compared to my current bike (2019 BMW R 1250 GS) the seating position is "sport" which means you are bent at the waist leaning forward with more bend in your knees. For shorter rides (say under 100 miles) this is not too much of a problem, for anything more you will experience soreness and minor muscle cramps. Heated grips and seat make it comfortable in colder weather. Fairing provides excellent wind protection. The generic "flaw" in this particular bike are the rear engine seals and the seals of the final drive train. At 40K and 16 years mine began to leak with the cost of repair equaling the net worth of the bike. Suggest you ask if the fuel line "quick connects" have been upgraded, this was a BMW recall item, if not replaced raw fuel may leak onto your engine. I used Bridgestone Battle AX, BT021 tires and found I was replacing the front tire every 5-6k even though I maintained proper air pressure. Side cases are air and water tight, with substantial volume, are locked, with a second handle that allows them to be easily removed and used as "little suitcases." This bike weighs about 680 lbs wet, at low speed turning the front wheel is less than nimble, once you get past 10 MPH the front is very responsive. Suspension is firm and tight. I considered a K 1600 GT but they are a larger (and more bulky) bike vs. the K 1200. I chose the R 1250 GS due to superior riding position, horsepower, substantial torque, ride modes, and ground clearance...and have not been disappointed. The K 1200 GT is a superior motorcycle, perhaps one of the last combining practical sophistication, refinement, and raw power.
- Steve Sopher, California

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