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2000-05-29 1995 BMW R100G PD Dual Sport View Listings

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I am the 3rd owner of this machine. It had 17,000 miles when I acquired it. I have put 1,200 miles on it in the 2 months I have owned it. Nothing has gone wrong with it, I just changed all of the vital fluids, new fork springs &#038; rode it. <BR> Likes: Very maneuverable around town, Ok on the highway with a tall after market windshield. Handles OK on fire roads with Avon Gripster tires. Being able to ride out to the mountains &#038; see a forest service road &#038; be able to take the long detour! <BR> Dislikes: Handlebar vibration at highway speeds, low gas mileage 30-40 (but it has a 9.3 gallon tank), too heavy for off road except mild riding on fire roads &#038; forest service roads. Shifter is too short for my big boots, shifting action is poor compared to other bikes I have owned.
- Kevin Poling, Portland, Oregon

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