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I bought my new Buell XB12 Super TT last December. Easily, it's the best bike I have ever owned. It has some quirks which I will tell you about, but overall, it's a sweet ride. It has plenty of juice for traffic. You don't have to shift down to get any maneuvering power, it's instant, and it's on demand. The riding position is perfect. It sits high enough so that you can see traffic and your body position isn't too agressive. This is an excellent posture for urban slalom. In a drag-race, my Buell will do about as well as a 650cc Suzuki. My red-line is at 6.8 grand so a 650cc bike will bound ahead but will lose ground in the top gears. My Super TT will top at about a buck-fourty, which is a bit faster than a 750cc, and then it's `sayonara.` However, bigger bikes will leave me behind. In a cornering contest, my Super TT makes all the competition cry. The lean angle, handling and corner-exiting torque are all supierior to anything else on the road. Maneuverability and its ability to escape and accelerate through traffic are superb. Trust me - I live in Seattle. As I mentioned, there are some quirks: First; you have to `un-learn` your Japanese riding style. This is no exageration. Second; you must warm-up this bike before you ride away. If the engine is hot, you feel the joy. Otherwise, a cold engine isn't much fun to ride and could be unsafe. Again - trust me on this. Third; Road grime. The number plates really suck up the road-grime and it gets everywhere. I can't explain it, it just does. I turned those goofy number plates into a couple of `frisbees.` Then I got the Ulysses lower front fender and now road-grime isn't a problem. One last opinion: This bike is not for beginners. It can perform well past a newbie's ability to control it.
- K. Hazelton, Seattle, Washington

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