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Cagiva factory spares in UK? Forget it. Wait a month and the wrong bits arrive. Water in petrol tank on rainy days (cured), missfire front cyl rainy days (cured), Electrics dying completely (traced to relay under seat, standard auto unit) and now suspect fuel pump has gone. Finish gone (exept wheels) and engine clutch cover leaked oil all over the rear tyre (EXITING!). THEN AGAIN: Started every morning all year round (minus 9 deg C at 5am in Jan), good handling if you don't hang on too tight (chill out at 120mph on a naked bike). Can't help behaving like a 19yr old nutter when riding it. I can only put up with it because I also run a 93 Triumph Trident Sprint that never breaks. That Triumph is a part of my life, the Cagiva is only costly entertainment.
- Harry Maxwell, Dumfries, United Kingdom

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