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This bike stirred my insides from the first time I placed eyes on it in the showroom. The exclusivity alone made we want to ride it out of there that day. For the extra $3000 CDN over the 748 model, it was well worth the money. The Marchesini wheels ALONE would cost more than that aftermarket. Even though the seaating position is something to be desired, you will reap the benefits of having forearms like Popeye...but any Ducati enthusiast will know in advance that this has been the same for quite some time now. Performance wise, it could use a little more in the bottom end. Pulling the front end up in 2nd gear is not something that just requires rolling over on the throttle. But that's for the showboats...and this bike is defintitely for a subdued rider that wants to be noticed..and trust me...YOU GET NOTICED! Through the hairpins, this thing handles like a dream...if your 3/4 of your way out of a turn...crank it over...you'll be pleased in all senses. The nice thing about this bike is that it actually looks faster just standing there...for when you see it move, it's like everything is in slow motion...all you can do is loon on in awe and jealousy. If you already own one of these bikes, and are thinking of selling it, shake your head. This model/yr/paint scheme was only available in 2002MY. If you do NOT already have one...and you know where you can get one...JUMP on it. This bike will do nothing but increase in value as time goes by. Investment or pleasure, you will not be disappointed if you have, or are going to have a bike like the 2002 748S. Enjoy!!!
- Rob M., Windsor, Ontario

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