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My Ducati Monster 900S rocks. It takes some time for the Japanese bikes to catch up to me off of the line. Japanese bikes will have the high end speed but most of your statement is made off of the line and in your mid range power which is where the Monster reigns king. It has a riding position that accomadates longer rides but still enough foward lean to secure your blast off position. Do yourself a favor if deciding between a Ducati Monster and other bikes. Buy the Monster. Most bikers end up upgrading to a better, more powerful bike after they buy there "entry level" bike. If you trade up once you lost money. Get a bike that will you will respect a few years down the road and allows room to grow into. Japanese bikes lose there coolness after a while due to their flavor of the week styling. Ducati's age gracefully and maintain there appeal many years down the road. Look for yourself, compare an early 90's Japanese bike to a same year Ducati Monster, enough said. Buy a Ducati Monster, you will thank yourself, besides, you deserve it.
- Michael P. Rutland Jr., Denver, Colorado

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