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My Multistrada shares a garage with a Tiger 1050 and K1200GT gen 2. The Multi is naturally compared to the Tiger in magazine shootouts and that is a fair comparison because both bikes are aimed at folks who want a bike that does it all. However, the Multi would appeal more to those who enjoy pushing the limits of a bike on fun/challenging roads and the Tiger would appeal to those are not as likely to want to find the limits of handling. Multi is firm, turns very quickly, brakes strong and enjoys spirited riding on roads where I love to ride, but have a hard time finding those roads where I live. When I find those roads, the Multi is great. It has a comfortable seating position and decent wind protection. Factory luggage is fairly well integrated, but side cases are difficult to open and close when loaded because they are a bit flimsy. Seat is not good for distances, even the gel version. When compared to the Tiger, the Tiger has softer suspension, does not turn quite as quickly nor does it brake quite as strong as the Multi. However, the Tiger does do all of those things well and it is has a seat that will not punish you, luggage that is easy to open and close once you do it a couple of times, has great wind protection. If I had to choose one I would have to go with the Tiger because I do not have roads that compliment the Multi and the Tiger is just that much more comfortable, engine is stronger and is a bit easier to live with. That being said, when I find the right road on the Multi it makes me realize the Multi is a great alternative to a sport bike. Handles like a sport bike with much more comfort than a sport bike. Only gave reliability 4 stars because my Multi suffered from the instrument panel problems that plague so many Ducati's and needed to be replaced. Mechanically it has been 100% as most Ducati's are. Most Ducati issues are annoying and mysterious electrical issues that most of the Ducati's do not have, but if you are one of the unlucky ones that has the gremlins you may be chasing them for the life of the bike. I would endorse the Multi 100% if you like riding aggressively but do not want to ride in pain like you would on a sport bike.
- Anonymous, Rochester, New York

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