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I have had this bike about eight months and have only about 2500 miles on it. I ride mostly for pleasure early on Sunday mornings on back roads at naughty speeds - "sportbike land.I have done it all, from the 1968 GreenStreak dirtbike to the more recent Roadking, Victory, and an entire range of heavy BMWs. My previous favorite was the BMW K12RS. This new Ducati concept bike outdoes them all, and mostly because it can do it all. It is strictly for riders who happen to like an upright, highly natural seating posture, know how to actually ride a bike well, but are not wanting aggressive posture, due to age, knees, or whatever, and still want performance. The word for the Multistrada 1100S is "nimble. It is very light and feels that way, but has wonderful frame rigidity, excellent braking, and a certain overall accuracy/quickness that makes the curvies more fun. Thanks to the amazing Ohlins struts it cannot be forced to misbehave like a cruiser, yet the bike is comfy for hours droning down an interstate, no kidding. And city street/parking lot handling is like no other bike I have had in the last thirty years. Easy, just easy. Thanks to the highly-developed unique engine, it has enough power to do everything any person ought to settle for (about 50 horsepower less than my K12, but torque-city and also way more than three hundred pounds lighter). The transmission takes some getting used to and it comes geared slightly too high (change sprockets, problem solved), but after some hours it is easy to manage, nearly as smooth as the BMWs, and quicker. The one thing I would recommend is to make sure about your dealer, as Ducks are special. My dealer is a quarter mile from home and of the best quality going. Lucky me.
- Tim , Missouri

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