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In the Spring of 2006, after a 24 year hiatus from bike riding, I purchsed a BMW R1150R. It was fun, but the ride soon became boring. Like driving your car in a straight line for 150 miles on the Wyoming Interstate. Fast forward to November 2006. I spot a bright red motorcylce parked in front of the Ducati dealership in Las Vegas. I pull into the lot on my BMW and leave riding a Red Ducati 999. There is no rational reason for buying this bike. But once you are sitting on the bike and press the start button to wake up the heart of your Ducati, the sound of the rumbling exhaust, the smell of the fuel being devoured by the beast, and the Ducati's heat pouring upwards from the engine makes your day a special day. This red Ducati 999 makes going to work bearable and gives a reason for having weekends. No motorcyle that I have ridden has created such havoc with what is more important in life---my red Ducati 999 or everything else that a responsible adult is supposed to be doing each day on planet earth.
- Santiago Echaore, Las Vegas, Nevada

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