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I bought a 2009 E-Ton Beamer R4-150 about a year ago and have over 900 miles on it. Considering I only live seven miles from work, that's a lot of trips! Fuel economy, as one can expect, is excellent - I get 90-100 mpg. The scooter is very reliable and I have had no problems with it to date. I have never had one drop of fluid on the concrete of my garage where I park it - never. Handling and braking are very good. I like the front and rear disc brakes and they are quite good - I found that out one night when a deer ran out in front of me! Power is quite good for a carbureted motor. The four stroke, 150cc motor purrs along very easily at the speeds I typically drive (30-50 mph). I can hit 60 mph. and still have throttle left, though not much. This is not a scooter I would drive on 55 mph. or higher highways, but I think most would be pleasantly surprised by how much power it does have and how smoothly it comes on from a standing start. The compartment under the seat is very useful. It won't hold a full-face helmet, but it will hold a half-helmet. I use it to hold my lunch, a rolled-up windbreaker, a hardbound book (I read on break at work) and other small items. If this bike has a negative, it's the manual choke and the necessary "warming up" period. It's not a deal breaker, but you just can't start it up and go. The other negative is the insufficient owners manual - it simply doesn't give the buyer enough info. In conclusion, this is a lot of high-quality scooter for the money and most will find the performance (and the quality) surprisingly good.
- Joseph Gore Jr., Spencer, Indiana

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