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2010-06-15 2009 E-TON America Matrix R4-150 Scooters View Listings

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I have been commuting 10 miles each way to work for six months now, and I am very happy with the scooter. It is very comfortable, handles well, has excellent brakes (hydraulic discs front and rear), gets around 75 MPG, and has been completely reliable. It is a little tricky to start in cold weather, but after I got the hang of the manual choke, it has been fine. I really have no complaints about it at all. It has plenty of power - I often ride on River Road up through Thornydale, and I have no trouble going 50-55 mph to keep up with traffic. I had it up to 65 at one point, but I don't tell anyone! The fit and finish are good, but not quite at the level of some much more expensive scooters, but for the price it is excellent.
- Paul, Tucson, Arizona

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