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The Genuine Blur SS 220i, I love it! I have skydived, scuba dived, owned sport cars, used to fly small airplanes and was on a hot air balloon team but I like my BLUR 220i the best! It is just fun all the time! This scooter does what no other scooter has done before - it is a crossover vehicle. The motorcyclists do not know if it is a scooter or some new racing sport motorcycle. It is so much fun to ride (so much fun)! Also it is well made and looks great! I was planning to buy a motorcycle but backed off on purchasing a bike because of ALL the shifting I would do driving it around town. Now I have that motorcycle, but one that is twice the fun to ride! It is an excellent vehicle. I suggest you seriously consider it if you are looking to purchase a scooter or motorcycle.
- Ron Parks, Lakeland, Florida

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