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Review of Genuine RoughHouse 50 CC scooter model year 2021 I love this scooter. Good quality and great initial reliability. I bought it new in March 2021 and have put about 850 miles in 2 months riding in city streets including daily commute to work (9.2 miles each way) and longer rides just for the fun of it. The ride is firm; going over potholes can be jarring. I had the scooter derestricted at the dealership. The maximum speed on a flat road and with a tail wind is 45 MPH. Most of the time, though, the maximum speed is 40 to 42 MPH. I am 5.7 and weigh 155 lbs. I suspect a heavier rider will be slower. The onboard speedometer is not accurate and over reads the actual speed by 6 to 7 miles/hour. A scooter shop can easily install a phone holder on top of the handle bar (where the “brake fluid box” sits). After downloading a GPS speedometer app my phone now displays the actual speed. The Roughhouse has a USB port to charge your phone. If you use your phone while riding (GPS speedometer, Google Maps) the phone will remain at the current level of charge. If you don’t use any apps then the phone will slowly charge. A tankful of gasoline (1.30 gallons of premium unleaded) will last 80 miles which is a bit disappointing (I was expecting 100). The ignition button works every time. If the battery were to die (an unlikely event), it’s simple to kick start the scooter. Place the scooter on its central stand (the rear tire not touching the ground), insert the key in the ignition and turn to the ON position, stand on the left side of the scooter (where the kick lever is), press either handle brake and kick down as fast and hard as you can ... all the while turning the accelerator to give it gas. I give the Roughhouse Scooter 4.5 stars. I would have rated it 5 stars if the speedometer was accurate, the headlights were brighter, the ride softer and the fuel range was 100 miles.
- Christian, Florida

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