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IV owned several Harleys over the years.After having a hip replacement I had a harder time with my 1997 Ultra Classic.So I sold it and got a 1998 fat boy,great bike lots of crime.After having it a couple years I sold it. Missing my love of riding I was out and about and came across a 2005 Soft Tail Deuse.Right away I knew it was calling me to taking her home.Iv had my 2005 with the much better EFI and have enjoyed my Deuse to this day I changed the stock seat to a custom seat that fits the styling if the bike slim sleek front end that has that nice flow toward the plump rear Its a very comfortable bike since I lowered it just enough to allow the rear fender swallow the gap that the stock setup had.The only complaint is I wish Harley had made provisions to allow to be able to add quick disconnects for bags.But a set of throw overs work well with my custom seat.And it would not hurt to be able to add a quick disconnect windshield.But I managed to fit a set on the front forks.Other than that my 2005 Deuse is a fantastic bike for the money.Mine only has just over 10400 miles.It worth checking the chain tensioners from time to time being a twin cam.Iv removed my cam cover at the 10k mark and the chain tensioners were still in good shape.But me being me I did upgraded my cam chest with hydrologic chain tensioners and a high flow oil pump.I only did the upgrade just because I felt it would be and is a bit better than the stock setup.I know if I took a 5 or 6 hour ride I'm more than comfendent that she is a no worry and dependable bike to take me on any journey without any issues.Other that those couple of upgrades and installing a new set of tires for safety I love to get on my Deuce and fill up the gas tank and enjoy my journey knowing my Deuse will get me there.Simply keep up with the maintenance and it's a trouble free bike as far as I'm concerned.Its a shame Harley discontinued the Deuse model in 2007.They had a winner from 2000 till 2007.Peace to all.Ride till you fill your to old.
- Robert, Florida

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