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In a word... Ride comfort. The Ultra Classic Limited is a heavy bike. It is not for beginners. It's heft will take previous substantial riding skill to ride comfortably. It rewards those who know how to ride with car-like smoothness on the highway. The Milwaukee 8 is is powerful in any of it's cubic inch configurations. The 107ci provides plenty of power and torque. Those moving up from the Twin-cam models will notice the addition of low end grunt. The six speed provides a tall sixth gear that will have the engine humming along at 2700 rpm at 70 mph. Storage space available in the saddlebags and the tourpack is ample. You can easily fit a weekends worth of gear for two people. The tank holds six gallons and gives you 200 miles of range before the fuel light illuminates. Even then you still have a gallon of fuel in reserve.
- James Hackbarth, Wisconsin

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