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2004-03-18 2002 Harley-Davidson FLSTF-FLSTFI Fat Boy Motorcycles View Listings

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I spent the last two years on a 1200 Custom Sporty bought new, a great bike but I regret now not buying the Fatboy then! I test rode one at the time but didn't want to spend the money so didn't buy it. I now have a 2002 Pearl White Fatboy and am totally satisfied; the suspension was a driving force as the Sporty isn't up to 2-up work over England's awful roads. What I wasn't ready for is how the bike feels so planted in bends, so sure-footed and also even with the extra weight, feels so well balanced, I can make even tighter feet-up u-turns than the sporty! I tooled around Arizona and Nevada on a Heritage last year and that was nice, although they say they are identical to the Fatboy, I feel there is a difference, especially at very low speed maneuvering, the Fatboy is just such a confident ride. I would just recommend this bike so highly and incidentally, reliability-wise, they rock, nothing, NOTHING came loose or failed on either bike to date, which is more than I can say for a couple of HD's I previously owned, they were SO unreliable and I still have the bills to remind me and any unbelievers! So treat yourself to a twin-cam and enjoy it if you can. PS- On the first outing a woman shot nearly a roll of film of it, so perhaps having one of the best bikes on the planet and their scarcity over here pays off, well it was a nice compliment by her anyway.
- Hogwild, London, United Kingdom

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