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After owning quite a few metric bikes over the last 30 years and not paying much attention to Harley's, my curiosity finally got the better of me and I decided to take a test ride at the local Harley Davidson dealer. It was beginning to bother me that most modern metric cruisers, while very well engineered and reliable, seemed to be trying too hard to emulate the original American cruiser instead of being innovators as in the past. Why was this? My latest Honda Shadow was a very good machine and had served me well but I found myself wanting something more than a cookie cutter clone. I have always enjoyed riding for the sheer pleasure of it and have never been a joiner so belonging to an exclusive club was not a motivation for owning a Harley. I went to the test ride with some pre-conceived notions. I had been somewhat brainwashed through the years by all the Harley bashing about vibration, oil leaks, old technology, slow handling, fit and finish, you know, all the clich�s. I purposely picked a stock Dyna Super Glide FXD for my test ride so as not to be swayed by all the chrome and glitz of its more ornate brethren. Though a fairly plain bike as Harley's go, I found the look of the FXD to be beautifully understated. I also liked the mid-controls versus the forward controls that are so popular today. Harleys look even better in person than in a photo. I find the opposite true for other bikes. Fit and finish was superb and every bit as good if not better than the metrics. After firing up the engine you begin to realize what it's all about. That sound is unmistakable and even with subdued stock pipes it is truly music to the ears. I put it into gear and what an amazing difference compared to the metrics I've ridden. The feel is one of balance and solidness. It shifts with an industrial feel and pulls like a tractor in all gears. I can see why even a novice rider can feel comfortable riding one as it is very tractable. All the things you have heard or read about vibration are also wrong. The rubber mounted Twin Cam 88 engine is incredibly smooth at speed and I can only describe it as "turbine-like", no kidding. It has a very comfortable riding position and is a solid handler with neutral steering characteristics. Needless to say, after my test ride I was hooked. I ordered a 2003 Anniversary FXD right then and there at MSRP and after a 3 month wait I became a proud and happy Harley Davidson owner. Anyone looking for a nice used Honda?
- banjoez, Erie, Pennsylvania

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