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Here's a little about me. I've been riding since the late sixties. I started out with a '69 Sportster. I loved it and put many miles on it. Over the years I've owned various big twins and metrics and a few Sportsters mixed in. I've always come back to the Sportsters. After riding Sportsters with no battery, only magneto, shaking like a paint mixer, missing or marginal front brakes - I'm spoiled now. I like fuel injection, decent brakes, no puddles of oil on my garage floor. I'm enjoying my 2011 SuperLow. I turn the key and go. It has good low end torque. The motor runs out of steam early enough so you don't need a tach to know when it's time to shift. Handling is great for every-day normal riding. Things start scraping if you get wild, but you can keep this to a minimum once you get to know the bike's limits. The 4.5 gallon tank is a welcome relief on a highway ride. I look forward to many enjoyable miles on this bike.
- Rob, Anchorage, Alaska

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