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With a more standard riding position than most other Harleys, and a power-to-weight ratio better than the rest, this bike makes a fun and fast back road cruiser, and I mean fast completely stock. This bike is controllable and comfortable on all day rides, but a little light if you travel long-range on the Interstate. Put the optional Harley touring seat on if you take a passenger. It is dependable and solid, and this SPORT model (1200S) is not a girls bike, just ask all the other Harley riders I keep passing. The front and rear suspension are three-way adjustable, but need more travel in the rear (watch those bumps when two up). I am a dual-sport rider, a classic road bike collector, and have been in the saddle for over 31 years, and this bike is a real fun 'Harley Davidson' back road gun!
- Neil A. Rodrigues, Cambbell, California

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