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After relocating to Green Bay in April 2001, I quickly decided it was a given that I had to have a Harley. Unfortunately, the local dealership is in the business of fleecing the locals. A quick glance at their showroom floor let me know if I wanted a bike, I better be prepared to pay at least $4000 over list. My mammy didn't raise no fool and I wasn't buying!!! At least at that price!! Side note--I don't think they are selling too many bikes this summer as I see the same stock collecting dust...no drop in prices though...absurdity factor from August 2001--1998 Sportser S with a price of $12,600!! So, I went to the local newspaper which is like a candyland with Harleys of all kinds...again the locals had caught the fever of price gouging from their local dealership...the secret...find someone who wants to sell and is not looking to profit in a major way. Enter the police officer from just down the street selling a '97 XLH 1200 with only 2100 miles. Irony strikes deep as I had seen this gentleman displaying the bike on my entrance into town and it was available a month later for purchase. One test ride was all it took...he had done the bike right with fat comfy saddle, sissy bar, drag pipes (thunder roar) and all those HD doodads that make HD stand for hundred dollars. Needless to say, I jumped on this chance and have since put 3000 miles on this summer. I decided on a Sporty after having been on larger Harleys and finding them somewhat ponderous, well suited for cruising, but little in terms of zipping about. This bike is phenomenal on all accounts. Plenty of power from the 1200 Evolution motor. A small twist of the throttle rewards you with massive pull...best be holding on to the buckhorns unless you wanna slip off, and the Sportster frame is lean and mean. This bike begs you to lean into the corners and accelerate out. Its also nice to blow rice burning crotch rockets off the line at stoplights...oh they'll kill you in top end but dragging from light to light proves them to be inferior. This bike will cruise with the best of them and gives you a sporty appeal that can't be beat. Responsive and generous, this is one hell of a ride. I haven't had any leak or build problems and have to say this is a dependable ride. Might be smarter to buy a Japanese cruiser with all the technology, but they don't roar like a HD V-twin outfitted with drag pipes. You hear me coming before you see me!! The future will bring another HD (perhaps a Nighttrain or Softtail Springer or Dyna Wide) but I'm getting on the list for that bike...meaning I'll pay a reasonable amount over msrp but will wait anywhere from 12 to 24 months for my bike. Have to leave Green Bay as they won't order anything...cuts down on their profit...question is though, how much profit is there when you seem to sell about one bike a month?? In the meantime, I'll be the maniac in a flamed full-face helmet, ripping through town and the backroads with a big cheesy grin plastered on my face!!
- Hell-Mutt, Green Bay, Wisconsin

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