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I just purchased 2 HD IRON E 16 bikes all excited to give them to my grandson's ages 4 and 5 . There eyes lit up with in 15 minutes of riding the first bike that i purchased was already put together just didn't seem to have the power that the 1 that we put together . we reread the manual made sure it was set properly and it just never got going faster it got to the point where now it doesn't even work. My other grandson was riding the other one and it has also quit working . we have made sure batteries are charged checked everything we can think of. But truthfully to have both bikes quit working and have the same issue i not thinking these are very good products now it sounds like i'am going to have to fight with the business i bought them at for money back or 2 new ones and hope for the best . My grandsons really want to keep them but the problem needs corrected so at this time the only rating i can give is comfort because they felt comfortable on them i hope you can help me get this resolved Thank You

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