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I love my 98. Owned for 2 years now. Put 11,000 miles. Has 30,000 miles total. Gas, oil and tires thats it. I love that no valve maintenance is required. Very low cost of ownership. I see no reason that this bike wont hit 100,000 miles. Though not a full touring bagger, its intermediate nature suites my (1up) just fine. Im 65 and this bike hustles enough to satisfy my urges when needed. The motor revs out pretty good when required, no short shifting needed. I do agree up to 70 mph is the sweet and that fine by me. Its all about taking in the sites these days and not the old, how fast can i get there. I have yet to scrape pegs but it can handle a aggressive corner carving ride. I have no problem keeping up with sports bikes riding atcs good clip. Have amazed a few of them. Harleys not an even issue. Still good low mileage bike are out but I wouldnt hesitate if you found one with 50,000 miles on it. As they say, this Honda was built to last. Buy 1
- axle, British Columbia

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