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I bought my CB1100 new from the local Honda dealer in 2014. It replaced my 2007 BMW F800. For the first few years I used it as a daily driver (I didn't own a car at that time), commuting to work, and for weekend excursions with friends (Harley riders) into the winding roads of the Texas hill country. First of all, the CB 1100 is a beautiful motorcycle with the street cred to hang with my Harley buddies. Second, the performance is astonishing. The in-line four pulls strong off the line and doesn't quit. The power delivery of this liter bike is smooth at all engine revs, and there is more of it than I ever use on city streets and highways. This bike never squawks or complains about anything. I can relax and enjoy the ride, or when I want to quicken the pace, my CB1100 is right there with me, eager to go. As a daily commuter the bike is very comfortable and practical. I'm average height (5'-10") and can say it is easy to put both feet flat on the ground. The idle speed is a quiet and gentle purr. In first gear the bike just rolls happily along with almost no throttle input. Twist your wrist, though, and the massive engine comes alive instantly. What fun! Reliability has been great; no problems as all. Fuel mileage is solid at about 42 miles per gallon, and usable range is around 150 miles before you feel like it's time to refuel. What could be better? This bike checks all the right boxes for riders like me who love to enjoy the open road, sharing good times with other motorcycle enthusiasts.
- William Dupont, Texas

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