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I'm an experienced motorcyclist who's only 4-wheeled vehicle since the 1990's has been a lawn tractor. I was looking for a reliable, comfortable, lightweight and nimble commuter bike with city fuel mileage enough to thumb my nose at a Prius. I also wanted the speed, stability and passing power for rural highways, and, oh-yeah, fresh and sporty looks. That, as I found out, is a tall order. I bought my CB500F 'NON-ABS' model in black. It's only been about three months and so far I'm very happy with my purchase. It has all the points I was looking for, and suits my daily and commuting needs perfectly. Most pro-reviews I read look at the CB500F as a perfect beginners bike. While I don't disagree, I also think it's a great bike for the experienced rider who's looking for a fun, easy-going and drama-free machine. Nit-Picking: It's not the best choice for extended interstate travel, as the lack of wind protection gets tiring. It really needs a mud/splash guard to keep the road crud/mud from rainstorms out of the rear suspension and brake components. I'd also like to see a button(s) on the handlebar for scrolling through the LCD. All in all, it's my near-perfect bike. Thanks Honda!
- Eric, Williston, Florida

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