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Supremely engineered. Get one of these. Cheap now used. I keep wanting to buy other bikes but the problem is my does almost everything better than anything out there new or old. So any new ride would only be a 2nd bike. Yes, this bike was built by Honda to be world's fastest production bike and it was until being beat by Suzuki Hayabusa. Who cares? If you get to the 175mph or so the Blackbird will do, good for you. But the real genius of this bike is that it's an incredibly refined, brilliantly thought out, and super powerful all-arounder. It is not super heavy, it's low centre of gravity makes it so easy even in urban traffic. It's suspesion is only minimally adjustable but is set up just right. Great in twisties. Comfortable for touring. I installed VFR bars (2002 VTEC) and it was a big improvement. And it feels like it's screwed into pavement on freeways. Rock stable, and the power is just mental. It's a pussycat or tiger, ride it how you want.
- Steve Mitchell, Toronto

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