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Bought this bike new in 1985 for $1200, as one of the many dealer leftovers, and put 9600 miles on it before I sold it. Bike always started easily and I really got a kick out of being the only one in town with an automatic transmission. This would be a great beginners bike, especially for someone who is generally intimidated by things mechanical or with clutch-and-foot shift coordination. Bike is not fast and not powerful. With a windscreen will cruise 60-65 mph. Short range, 70-90 miles on a full tank; depends on how fast you ride. Only maintenance done was oil and filter changes at 600 miles then every 2500 miles. Not a good choice for long rides or touring, but 40-50 mile putts down little country roads are great. You will not out run anyone or out accelerate anyone other than a bicycle rider, but the bike is dependable fun transportation. Kind of wish I still had mine to run back and forth to the store and work on. One of those "You meet the nicest people on a Honda" bikes. Very low key.
- Grumpy, South Texas

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