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David Tinsley from Kentucky says:

Currently owning 2 of these bikes what follows is my assessment of the Honda Fury. If you want Honda quality, a comfortable stretched out ride, ama

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Currently owning 2 of these bikes what follows is my assessment of the Honda Fury. If you want Honda quality, a comfortable stretched out ride, amazing looks and a shot glass sized tank then this is definitely the bike for you. The Fury is an amazing specimen of a factory motorcycle that is built for fun. There are great aspects to the bike like the hidden single shock suspension, adjustable preload on the spring to adjust ride height, rubber mounted engine and smooth operating characteristics. That being said there are some draw backs that keep this bike from being incredible. First, anytime you own a chopper style bike they can at times be difficult to live with. This bike has absolutely NO internal storage. If you want storage you will have to bag it. BUT when you put bags on this bike you detract from the over all look of the line. Also if you get the wrong type of bags that go across the rear fender you will absolutely damage the paint. Next, if you buy a Fury from 2009-2012 the factory used starters from the VTX1300C and the starters are incredibly weak and the higher compression of the Fury 1300 will destroy it so if it has not been replaced with a superseded starter then be prepared to replace it. These starters can be purchased cheaply on Ebay. Also working on this bike can be a bit of a task. Unlike true customs that are generally built on wide frames the Fury is built on a narrow frame. Getting to wires and connections can be a bit frustrating but if you take the time to learn the bike you can get used to it. Lastly, if you plan to keep the bike under 99 miles an hour then you will be happy with this bike but if you think you will go over 99 think again. The bike is governed at 99 mph and cuts out drastically after that. This CAN NOT be mapped or flashed out. The governance of this bike is linked to the speedometer and will lock the bike out if tampered with. You would have to do a full rebuild of the speedometer if you want to get more performance from this bike. If you can live with these detractors then you will find the Fury to be one of the best bikes you can own. Brand new this bike sits $1000-$4000 less than a comparable bike from Kawasaki, Suzuki or Harley Davidson. Although I have purchased a Dyna Wide Glide for the fact that is has more power and is not governed under 100 mph but is similar in engine size, fork rake and dry weight. Overall this is a fantastic bike and all you need to do is just sit back and twist the throttle. You will find this bike to be incredibly responsive and ready to take whatever paces you put it through.
- David Tinsley, Kentucky

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