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I must say I am the proud owner of a perfect, well close to perfect 78 GL1000. And you would do very well for yourself if you can find a clean one for $1,200. I paid $1,600 for mine with 36,000 miles on her. She now has 60,000, 3 years later. I was offered $3000 and the guy said he thought I might get $4000. She handles very well and is a blast to ride up the coast here on Highway 1. As far as Mpg, she gets from 35 in town to the high 50s out on the road. You will spend more time keeping her clean than you will fixing a broken part. She will cruise all day through the desert heat at 70 and love it. Out on the open road is where she shines but in town is no trouble at all. If you want to save yourself about $10,000 over the cost of a new one go for a clean 78. Mine has the spoked wheels of an earlier Wing instead of the mags and she has no saddlebags or fairing and I like the look. If your not looking to set the world ablaze with your zapping from red light to red light but want a good cruiser with a bit of the old ride of a real motorcycle grab your $1,200 bucks and start looking. See you in Colorado somewhere.
- Harvey Mushman(get it?), California

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