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Very disappointing that the manufacturing was returned to Japan. I would not have purchased if I had discovered this prior to buying. I am very pleased overall with the handling, reliability, comfort, GPS system, audio system and all the options that are either standard or optional. Although I mentioned the handling is excellent, it does have one very nasty quirk. At around 40 miles per hour, the front end wants to wobble and if you hit a bump in the road that wobble is extremely severe. I have contacted a Dealer and it was inspected. The results of the inspection was very disappointing as I was told that everything is tight and there is nothing wrong with tires or any other visual problem. The Dealer Mechanic agreed that it has the wobble (Death Wobble is my term for it) but says Honda has no plan to prevent it and that I am just to hold on tight to the handlebars. That doesn't sound like a solution to me. I just wonder if some of the totalled bikes I've seen were caused by this?
- Anonymous, Akron Ohio

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